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Created to complement and enhance your lifestyle, Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry is the little black dress of your jewelry box. The collection features a classic aesthetic with contemporary touches, designed to take you from everyday to special occasions for years to come.

Growing up in New York City, designer Ryan Jonathan was exposed to expert jewelry-making techniques and gemstones working with his family, who has been involved in the industry for generations. This background and experience provided technical proficiency and instilled a keen interest in design, resulting in fine jewelry that draws on tradition, with an original take on color and contemporary details.

Passionate about color and craftsmanship, Ryan Jonathan offers stones in every shade of the spectrum. He hand-selects each fine quality diamond for the bridal collections, because your diamonds should sparkle just as brightly for the many anniversaries to come as they will on your big day. Attention to detail encompasses all aspects of each collection, right down to the beautifully crafted gift package that comes with every Ryan Jonathan order.

And Ryan’s relationship with his customers doesn't end when that box is opened. Exceptional service continues for the life of the piece as it is polished, serviced or resized so the recipient can enjoy it at every age—and every stage—of her life. Your purchase includes our Lifetime Jewelry Commitment & Warranty, providing complimentary service to polish, size or replace any wear and tear occurrence for the life of the piece. Our lifetime warranty remains valid as the jewels are passed down for generations—reinforcing Ryan Jonathan’s commitment behind the exceptional quality, craftsmanship and durability of each piece of fine jewelry.

Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry is proudly manufactured in New York City's famed Diamond District.

Our Promise


Ryan Jonathan selects only the finest quality diamonds and gemstones. Diamonds are F-G color and VS clarity, representing a near colorless and flawless sparkle in every untreated natural diamond. Designed and produced in Manhattan’s famed Diamond District, each piece of Ryan Jonathan jewelry is created by a team of experienced craftsmen, ensuring its exceptional quality, durability and beauty.


Every Ryan Jonathan diamond is beautiful and rare, but also responsibly sourced. We never source diamonds from areas encouraging conflict or human suffering and only from certified sources under the guidelines of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. This stringency places Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry among an elite group of jewelers exemplifying high moral and ethical values.


Each piece of fine jewelry is accompanied by a certified appraisal by Ryan Jonathan displaying the specifications of each diamond and gemstone. Appraisals are completed by graduate gemologists with experience in international grading guidelines and procedures to ensure the integrity and accuracy of each appraisal.


Ryan Jonathan wants to ensure you enjoy the full beauty and brilliance of your jewelry for every age—and every stage—of your life. Your purchase includes our Lifetime Jewelry Commitment & Warranty, providing complimentary service to polish, size or replace any wear and tear occurrence for the life of the piece. Our lifetime warranty remains valid as the jewels are passed down for generations—reinforcing Ryan Jonathan’s commitment behind the exceptional quality, craftsmanship and durability of each piece of fine jewelry.

Custom Design

We love developing jewelry designs and collections that can be sold all over the world, but there’s nothing like working one-on-one with a client and creating something truly unique and custom-made.

Our custom service is comprehensive and can be tailored to your exact needs. Whether you would like us to bring your vision to reality, update a treasured heirloom, or present you with a totally original design, we promise a collaboration that will exceed your expectations. With decades of expertise, a deep understanding of how to balance beauty and functionality, and unparalleled access to the best resources in the industry, we enjoy long-term relationships with our clients.

Think of us for all of your bridal/wedding jewelry, anniversaries and special occasions that call for something spectacular and one-of-a-kind! And remember, we are able to source diamonds and precious gemstones directly from the gem capitals and bourses – that means we can offer a caliber of stones that none of the big box jewelry retailers can even access.

To find out more about Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry custom design services, contact us at 888.456.3482 or And for an insider’s look at what it’s like to work with us on developing the engagement ring of your dreams, read our Case Study below!

CASE STUDY: “Dahlia”

Whenever a client requests a custom design commission, we try to get a feel for the aesthetic she likes, as well her habits and fashion interests, so that we can create something that is a perfect fit for her taste and lifestyle. Some come to us with an approximate budget but needing help in working out the right design direction, while others have an exact image/concept that they’d like to bring to reality. When we created “Dahlia,” it was the latter – our client had done tons of research on the type of setting & diamond she wanted, but still required our expertise in refining the idea and envisioning how certain details she wanted to implement would affect the overall look of the ring.


Our first consultation was not in regards to the design of the ring, but determining the parameters of the center diamond that would be its star. We discussed the shape/cut, the budget, and also helped explain to the client how her choices as far as clarity, color, and carat weight and the corresponding grading system and certification would affect the budget. With this information in hand, we were able to narrow the parameters of the diamond search. The conversation continued over the next few days, as we examined our own inventory and searched for options in Manhattan’s Diamond District and other major diamond centers in Antwerp, Hong Kong, Tel-Aviv and Mubmai, where we have exclusive access to stones and pricing not available to the public.

After being in touch about a variety of options, we met again in person to review the selection of diamonds that were handpicked to the couple’s specifications. We offered a small range that included a variety of sizes, qualities and prices so that they could compare and contrast, and make an informed decision.

As a side note, the 4Cs serve as an important guide, but in the end, we believe our clients should have an emotional connection to their perfect diamond – that’s the intangible part of the process, and why we love being able to give clients the opportunity to hold a diamond in their hand, and fall in love with its unique brilliance!

After inspecting each diamond and its certificate, the couple was able to make a decision quite quickly. We purchased the diamond, stored it in our vault and began the ring development & design process.


Our client provided some images of a setting that she particularly liked, but wanted to modify to match her vision. Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry She loved the detail and metalwork on the shank of example 1, but preferred that the main diamond be a round brilliant-cut, surrounded by a halo of pave, like example 2. She also wanted the space under the diamond basket in example 2 to be filled with graduated diamonds, like example 1. We started with a “Frankenstein” mock-up combining the two styles for review, and she gave us the go-ahead to proceed.

Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry

With an informed understanding of our client’s vision, we created our initial sketches in CAD.

Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry

Since the CAD drawing is incredibly realistic and viewable from all angles, we were able to easily collaborate on the next round of feedback. Some adjustments included modifying the curve of the supporting row of diamonds on the shank to be more rounded in order to accommodate a thicker middle row. She also decided that she wanted engraving on the entire ring, so that it could be seen from all sides, and asked us to make a recommendation on the engraving style, as she wanted something different from her original examples but that felt cohesive with the overall effect.

Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry

Once we had implemented these design changes, she loved the results, but asked for a final change, that the prongs supporting the center diamond be “claw” style, rather than flat, for a more vintage feel. However, when we raised the concern that this style, usually reserved for very high-carat stones, might obscure the diamond a bit, she deferred to our expertise and went with the flat prongs.


When the final concept was approved, we moved on to the production process. Although the CAD images are an extremely useful technology, we like to go the traditional route when it comes to production, which means sharing a wax model of the design before the final piece is created. Our client was able to try the ring on, and directly experience the proportion and dimensions of how the style would look on her hand.

Once approved, we sourced the accent stones, cast the ring, and an expert setter hand-set each of the diamonds. This process usually takes 1-2 weeks depending on the client’s schedule and needs. We prefer to take our time to prevent errors and ensure that every detail has been attended to and double-checked. So when the moment arrived*, and the bride-to-be tried on the final product of several weeks of collaboration, trust us, it was priceless! Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry Nothing compares to helping someone create a custom piece of jewelry, and seeing their face when reality exceeds all expectations – it’s why we are so passionate about what we do at Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry.

*In this particular case, our clients weren't in a hurry to have the finished ring, but they were anxious to get engaged and make the announcement to their loved ones. We worked with the groom-to-be to select a classic diamond halo ring on consignment that he could use for his highly anticipated proposal. Soon afterwards, the custom design was ready to be picked up and the consignment ring to be returned. However, they loved the consignment ring and the memories it conjured, so they decided to purchase it as well. Now the bride has 2 gorgeous Ryan Jonathan diamond engagement rings – one for everyday, and a simpler, more modest alternative to wear when traveling or active. In the end, a win-win for everyone!



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